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Viper went AGAIN

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My dad's Viper went out again. Froze up solid. Damn thing I don't think I am singing its graces anymore.
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Man that has to hurt.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
Ouch, that must suck. Is it the same thing as before?

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I've felt that pain before.Do you use isopropyl or a tank tampon or anything?

Dude, don't freak out.
no luckily only the fuel pump froze this time. See the last time when it blew up my the fuel pump froze. Then my dad poured a Lot of dry gas into a small tank of gas. He thinks that is why it blew up. AKA human error. This time the fuel pump froze up again. We just did a fix for it and I will post a how to on fixing it in a little bit.
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