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Wanted: 1995 XLT SP Pics

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Anyone have any ideas where I can find pics of a 1995 XLT SP for wallpaper on my PC (besides using a digital camera to take pics of my sled, as the dinosaur I am I don't yet have a digital camera)?
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Try this.

If that doesn't work I have anothr idea, just let me know

I don't care where we go, let's just ride....
Worked better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Thanks for the link!

Now all we need is some snow in MN so I can add to the 13,000 miles on my XLT!
We went out yesterday near Zimmerman, the trails were fair to poor but the ditches were actually in decent shape. only got to put on about 70 miles. but it sure was fun to get out. although rolling the sled was not fun, but hey, take the good with the bad. seeyabye

I don't care where we go, let's just ride....
Rolled your sled? No good!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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