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Im looking for a newer Stock sled or older sled that is in real good condition. The sled I want 2 trade is a 97 SKS 700, the sled is the fastest & best looking 700 in town, the only problem I have with the sled is the temp. changes to much here & as we all know, tricked out sleds are pretty picky when it comes to weather changes. Im looking for a Ski-Doo Or Polaris, nothing else. the 700 has a after market hood (real lite), SLP power dome, SLP twin pipes, SLP silencer, SLP boost bottle, SLP clutch kit, Delta 2 reeds, Wiesco pro lites, I run only AV gas (once a month 50/50 mix AV/Unleaded) & Klots. Things I put on: Nose, Wind Shield, Light cover, brake cover, 3" Raiser, bar pad, stright bars, idler wheels, grips, hooks, flap, teather, NEW 136"/2" track off a 2000 T-cat, Slide rails, shock covers, break leaver, all new shocks, ultra white bulds, & new wires. Let me know what you have if you are interested & we will talk. /snofan/../images/users/MXZ700SKS700/Mvc-831s.jpg



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