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Alright guys here is my first post on this forum, and I figured I would contribute some useful information on a light upgrade for a wedge chassis Polaris sled. For starters, here is what my 95 XCR 600 looks like before and after with the new lights

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The light I used was a 4x6 headlight off of my 1987 Camaro that I just did not like how it looked, I was messing around with the old lights last year and I figured I would try to put one on my first sled, a 1990 340 Indy Sport, and it pretty much went right in. The low beam and high beam switch work and I did not have to modify the wiring harness, it was plug and play. The only problem that you will run into is getting it to stay in. I solved this by taking some black caulk which matches my headlight bezel and I caulked it in. You can’t even notice it unless you are trying to look for it and it has never fallen out even after jumping the sled and riding it hard in general. Here is a link to where I bought the light

Hope this helps some of you guys out
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