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1993 Skidoo Safari Deluxe 377
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I have a 1993 skidoo Safari Deluxe 377. I want my sled to not be as heavy for a little bit more zip. What are the best weight savings for this sled?

I’ve already removed the e-start. Because this isn’t my main sled, I don’t want to spend too much money on it. I also don’t really care what I have to do to it to save weight.

A list of possible things I might consider:
-Removing oil injection
-Removing Plastic Venting on Hood (Vents that lead hot air from engine out the vents on the hood)
-Getting plastic skis
-Making lighter seat
-Porting track

My questions are:
(1)Will any of the above weight savings be viable for my sled?
(2)Will removing the plastic venting on my hood effect performance at all?
(3)Is there any other weight savings I can do?

Some pictures of my snowmobile
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You can remove parts and drill holes to lighten the sled some. But you are still dealing with a fairly low torque 36hp engine. A good tune with pipes and gearing will get the speed up…but you’re just throwing money away. B.
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