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I dunno what led me to it, but I want a sled again. Haven't ridden in years.
When I was in junior high I had friend's that had Cats. Had a Panther, Jag and Eltigre. Also spent time on another friend's Pantera. Liked 'em all.
We had a Ski-doo TNT which was a crap machine because it was freeair and would overheat real easy.
Great Uncle had a Blizzard that was real nice and another one that I don't know the model of that I might get off him next summer. Another Great Uncle had a Polaris Colt and various Ski-doos (Olympique?)

Thing is I want one now. If I spend alot of money my wife will KILL me.
So its like $500 for my limit.
We're not talking fast, we're not talking new. I'm not a real mechanic but I'm pretty good with tools so I can fix and maintain if parts are available.
I've seen some Eltigres around on the web and such well within my price range (late '70s early '80s mostly) and a couple of Polaris Indy's that would push the limit.
Any suggestions? Remember parts availability is high on the list. A poor runner in the price range would be better than a good runner thats too pricy.
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