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What a freakin Winter.....

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Well, here it is the 15th of February and we have accumulated over 20 inches of snow! Geez, we had over 200 by the end of January last year. The forecast says we have 50's and 60's for next week and all the blown snow will melt. I tell you, if it wasn't for Tug Hill, I would sell my sled and move to Canada!

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What a pi$$ pore excuse for a winter this has been! Absolutely pathetic!

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You would like Canada. But dont sell your sled if you come, I got nearly 1000 miles on and Im going riding this weekend.

Oh yeah. what is tug hill !
You disgust me! j/k. Wow, thats great man. At least some people out there can put on some good miles this year. Very envious here.

1997 XLT SP 600
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Its not as good as I make it out to be. Usually I ride from my back yard ( the main Ontario trail system is just across one corn feild ) but this year I have had to trailer about one hour for my rides.
its been crappy everywhere, but it has given me time to put the xtra 10 front/rear suspensions on my sled, and change out the tail scoop, mine was flat, and anyone fimiliar with the 96 xcr's know theirs are angled, makes the sled look better in my opinion, but now, i have no snow to go play with my new setup, and it sucks. id move to canada, but the fiance wont come, so i guess its crappy snow for me-----boohooo
If you are moving to Canada move waaaaaaaaaay north. Here it has been 30's all week melting the pathetic amount of snow that we have.

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by xltman:

its been crappy everywhere

Not everywhere...

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shut the heck up whiners!

The nearest rideable snow is over 250 miles away from me.
You want to know what it looks like out my window?

At 4pm today, 2 friends and I are leaving, for northernmost MN...

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Yeah it sux around here too. That pic looks exactly what it looks like here. Man you kno what i think i will get the lawn tractor out and start mowing the lawn. Its 51 deegrees out right now!!!!!!!!
[navy]Yeah this winta really does suck. Back when i had about as much snow as Dean did in that picture i was ridin my sled, and, well to think about it i rode it during the summer a few times when my yard was soaked. I was just so anxious. Not real smart though.[/navy][/font=Stencil][/size=3]

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