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my parts finally came in, been on back order for a month. parts from somewhere else should come today, I was supposed to have this stuff for the mcgreogor race on the 18. this makes me happy.

while in town having a bs session, I was offered a couple distributor books, not my simons stuff, I have to pick up the books next week, but I believe one is a parts unlimited, maybe a fowler. Basically I can now sell epi clutch kits, slp, simons, pipe and clutch kits, any misc. stuff, studs, belts, track, oil, carbides.

pm for information, I will not talk price on this topic. I was just giggling when I got home because my parts are finally in, so I can atleast come close to alien, no more 10 mph gaps!!!!
plus I can get stuff for me cheap!!
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