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what do u think?

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My parents have pondered the thought of buying 2 new sleds, one for me, and one for my father. They have seen how fun it is, how far u can go and how much u can see on a sled. Plus my not so great luck with my sleds that i buy. Im thinkin 2 new MXZ 500f rer's one black and one yellow, 2 ZL 500's or 2 xc 500's... what do u all think?

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Although if it were up to me being a Cat person the choice would not be dificult. But I'll be unbiased here.
There all great sleds, go check them all out and buy the ones that you are most comfortable on.
Compare similar models I'm not sure if the MXZ and the XC are similar models to the ZL. You might want to compare them to the ZR. It has similar suspension, geared more toward aggresive trail riding.

Just my opinion

I don't know, all the new sleds are awesome.I guess it depends on how much $ you have to spend & where & how you ride.maybe a legend, classic, or zl for dad and a xc,zr, or mxz for the young guy.
Good news - you cant go wrong. RTKatZL8 is right - the ZR's are in the same category. If you want reverse - go for the MXZ's hands down. Their the lightest anyway, but the ski doo reverse adds virtually no weight. If thats not an issue, you cant go wrong. I prefer the MXZ's because they are the lightest, and the most reliable. The Cat's have the A-arms. I haven't ridden them but the steering is supposed to be great. Although Ski Doo is supposed to be great with the new dual runner skis. I bought a MXZ500. I like lightweight - thats why I got the blade and the MXZ. Polaris is the most popular. Like I said, you can't go wrong. You will have a blast on any sleds! Also, depending on your fathers age, he might rather have a legend, ZL, or ? (touring for Polaris?) These provide a plusher ride and are just a little less aggressive. Old bones appreciate comfort.

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Although I am a Yami freak, and since Yamaha doesn't make 500's anymore, I'd have to say go with the MXZ's mainly because of the reverse and their good reputation. You shouldn't be disappointed with what ever you choose, though. All are outstanding sleds. Good luck and have fun.

They are all great sleds(MXZ). You should go and check each one out(MXZ). Then make your own decision(MXZ) based on your thoughts(MXZ). I hope I haven't swayed your decision(MXZ).
Good Luck and remember sledding is awesome(MXZ).

Sounds like an awesome idea to me, but just to give you an idea on prices here are some of the deals here in michigan. I will give ya a couple examples.

At spicers boat city in Houghton Lake Michigan they have what they call a 2 sled deal. It consists of:

2 sleds (spicers chooses which ones)
aluminum 2 place trailer
2 complete suits (helmets, jackets, bibs, and boots)
gas cans
spare drive belts
spare spark plugs

With A/C's Z370's it can be had for $8,999 plus freight and prep.

With Polaris' Super Sport 550's it can be had for $9,999 plus freight and prep.

they also have other packages but those are the only ones i can remember. Good luck with the purchase

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Depending on how much of a factor the cash is you might want to consider at least a 600 since your only going to get bigger, stronger, and become a better rider. MXZ, ZR, and XC are all fine choices, but maybe consider something a little tamer for your dad if he doesn't currently ride or does not plan on being an "aggressive" rider. Maybe a ZL, Vmax, or other trail machines. I know my old man likes his XLT Limited cuz the xtra 12 suspension is super smooth.

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If i were you, i would just put in my word of what i would rather have. it sounds like ur gonna get 2 new sleds.....any of thhose would be great 2 have if your not stuck on 1 brand yet...if your really pushin towards a certain kind, gear them in that direction...i would love to have a new ZL, MXZ, XC....even tho im a AC guy. all of them are great sleds...and a ZR is probably more ur stile in stead of a ZL, but hey.....the ole 70's sleds are fun too...just take what u get and have some fun!

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i dunno what to tell you other than since im partial to polaris, id go with an xc, too many artic cats here, i like to ride something that everyone else doesnt have
I would definitely go for the MXZ. Thats an awesome sled.

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i have checked some used snowmobile prices at dealers... 2 xcr 600's for 4k a pop. 95 mx 470 3700, 94 vmax 500 3k, 96 formula SL 3200, 95 v-max 600 2500 and a xlt!!! 600 for 2700.. i dunno what year if i didnt put it... kinda goin fast when he told me! lol gimme ideas buddies! thx

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For just all around good riding and running sleds without the need for absolute max power and performance, it's hard to go wrong with a MXZ. I like cat's myself but for your situation I would stick with the ski-doos. Just my $.02 though

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Did you say MXZ500f for fan cooled 500 I would go with the ZL's or XC's much more performance. The XC is probably the fastest But I bleed green so I would go with the Cat's.
Its funny that you say that XLTMAN, about having alot of Cats out there. In Vermont I would say that Polaris is the most dominant. As far as the new sleds they all are nice. But since I'm a Polaris man then you guessed it! XC!!

yes in massachusetts the top sleds lately have beem yamahas and polaris... ALOT of polaris since they have the best performance rating and are highly reccomended by snow magazines like snogoer!

Duct tape much like the force... it has a light side, a dark side.... and it holds the world together!
I would really debate between the CAT and XC, the Cat will give more punch but the XC's will never quit and have an absolut fabulous suspension
I like the polaris

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i would go with the mx z brcause of thge reverse or the xc because of the suspensions and reliability

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Good choice eh?

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