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what happened?

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I posted a question this afternoon and it went on the list but now it has disappeared. Ill try again. My XCR 800 seems slow from what i was expecting. I can just barely beat a freinds storm. and I am exactly the same as another freinds 800 twin ski-doo.Is this all I should expect or is something not right. Any body know how to check the TPS? What about that tiny inlet for air on the air box. My Ultra's is bigger. Any proven jetting or clutching info would be much appreciated. I dont want to afford expensive bolt on goodies right now but please tell me what works for the future.
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I don't know too much about that sled, so I can't really help you.

The reason your post disappeared was a server error. Sorry about that. I'm sure someone will help you out though.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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