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what is 2003 gonna be like?

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wow...a lot has happened to sleds this year. first i saw the a-c sno pro, then it was the ski-doo open sled. those were both huge in themselves...big improvements on all sleds there. the other day i checked out that new yami 4 stroker. that much performance outta somethin everybody said would be crap. today i saw the a-c ZR 900 and i guess that doo is workin on their own too. this just makes u think of all we are going to see next year. i guess we'll have to wait and see, but i know for sure, it's gonna be wild.

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The RX-1 can't forget that thing. Man I can't wait to see that in action. No way in hell I will not at least ride one next year!
LOL, sled_dog I envy you in terms of the RX-1. I expect to see more people go the way of the 4-stroke cutting the margin to 2-strokes maybe 50-50 in the snowmobile market by 2005. As for 2003, expect 1 or 2 to have 900 twins, Mainly AC and Doo. With Polaris' recent development schedule, I doubt we will see one from them anywhere in the near future. Triples will stay with Yami and AC as the XCR and Mach Z part ways for at least a few years.

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has anyone actually seen the new snowhawk, or the bisette 1+1, they are coming out with some crazy stuff. Hope artic cat comes out with more
i haven't see a snowhawk in person, but my dad's buddy was thinkin bout gettin one just to skrew around on.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
I hae seen a snowhawk in person. IT IS BADASS!!!! I want one!!!!

They had one out at the the local snomobile expo here in Seattle. It is super cool
. They also had their propoganda tape rolling and the guys are iding and jumping like MX bike it looks so fun!!!

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