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Was up in Seney MI this weekend to ride. Went out Friday morning and everything was perfect. Sled was running good, trails were great. We get about 15 miles in and come to a stop and my snowmobile stalls out right when I take my hand off the gas. Try to start it, nothing. Take the carbs off and dump the gas out of the resevoir, put them back on, starts right up. We keep going and when we come to another stop, it sounded as if my sled was running on one cylinder when it was idleing. So we take off again, every sounds fine, running fine until we stop again. Kept my eye on the idle, after about 4 min it shut off. Do the same thing with the carbs, then the damn pull string snaps. We tow it back 30 miles, and put it in a gagarge and take the carbs out to clean them. While doing so, I noticed that the throttle slide of the left carb had about 13-15 little marks on the intake side and it was keeping the slide from going down all the way. Once we got that situated, we finally realized mayb we should check compressing, had no guage so we just used the thumb over the spark plug hole way. Left side, none. Right side, perfect.
So, I'm guessing something got sucked into that cylinder.
Engine turns over fine, just no compression.

Burnt Piston Ring?
Burnt Piston?
Trying to get an idea of what exactly it may be before I tear the head off.
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