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what the heck is a tourqe stop???

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my skidoo's belt is vibrating so bad that i can't drive it. It is a brand new belt, and i don't want to break this one. I posted a message on here and i was told that if my tourqe stop is bad, it can cause this.
Now what are the odds that it is not there or broken???
Anything else????
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not all sleds have them so you may just not have one. Have you checked your engine mounts like I suggested? If you have a torque stop it will be like umm a thing mounted to a solid place and prolly have a rubber end where it can hold onto the engine or frame to prevent vibration.
Does either one of your pulleys wabble when they rotate? Or is their a bad bearing on the secondary pulley? With a vibration as bad as you are describing, you should problably check the whole sled over for worn out/bent parts. Their could be any combination of malfunctions that would destroy belts.

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I am really gonna push that you check those engine mounts. My buddy blew many belts cause of those mounts. Just a couple of weeks ago he lost a bolt in the one mount again and blew a belt. This time he knew what to check for. Sorry for pushing this so much but I heard no reply about my idea from you.
well, i have not had the whole thing checked yet, i just bought it in the summer it had been sitting for a long time. I have noticed that the secondary clutch shatft can slide back and forth 1/3 inches, and the brake disc can acctually turn +- 1/3" before it stops the shaft. I can't figure out why it does this, but i thought the second clutch shaft was supposed to move...?????
sled dog,
i went out and checked the mounts and all the bolts seem to be visable, and the engine it secure(no wobble). So i wouldn't suspect them, thanks anyways.
One thing that i may suspect now is the secondary clutch shaft me be bent, i don't know how this would be, but it would definatly couse my vibration. i guess to check this i have to relase my chan and spin the shaft by hand.
any thing else? the more suggesrtion the better, i am stumped.
if you suspect that spin your clutch or try and see if the belt gets loose and tight. Sorry about being so pushy with the engine mounts but it was just something i thought really might be it.
sled dog, i don't think you were being pushy, acctually i thank you for the suggestion.
pushy was the only word I could come up with :)
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