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What's better?

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what do u guys think ......... should my dad buy a 2 person sled for instance polaris sport touring or 2 normal one seaters?
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two one-seaters. riding double sucks compared to the feeling of blasting up a trail or ditch by yourself.

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It depends who is going to be riding on the back of his sled, and how he likes to ride.

If his significant other is always going to be along, he might want a 2-up. If he does a bunch a large group riding, having 1 guy ride a 2-up works well especially if you gotta leave 1 sled behind and go get parts.

But the fun and flexibility of 2 separate sleds is great. I, for one, WILL NOT ride bitch!!
The extra costs of 2 sleds could be a factor too. I have a 10 year old who loves to go riding. But I rent a double when I go North, and around here when there is snow, she just rides in the fields or on back.
Good luck.


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thanks for the advice guy but i let my dad read this and he's not budging from the 2 seater
that really sucks!! But it's gotta be cheaper. But it still sucks

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That sucks. I guess it makes sense though, his money his way.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
Convince him to go for 2 1 seaters. DO IT!

Don't back down.

ok, I'm done...

I Love B&M Coasters.
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Who would be riding with on the two seater? I would stil get a one seater.

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not me i would go for a panther 2-up brand new it costs 3800$
j/k i would go for the one seater
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