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whats new?

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new for me, new gf, shes unbelievable, there goes all my exta money, and im gonna be getting a new truck. 85 GMC 1500 short bed, 4 inch suspension lift, and 2 inch body, 35 inch mud tires, and maroon paint job i'll get pics of both when i can!.. truck is goin for 3000-5000 i think so im trading in my jimmy, and gettin a small loan and buying it!
shes ... damn i love her

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Hmm, not much new here. Just building a new sled out of a 98' xcr 700 chassis and a Polaris 700ev twin. Oh, thanksgiving is today so I will eat a lot. Other than that, nothing is new.

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New? Just put on a new snow flap and carbides. New Dayco belt.

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NEW, How about A.C. new race sled? I had seen it for the first time in person at Thief River falls last weekend. (That is wild!) It is all most as cool as my relatives blown GMC pickup that he drove to the convention.

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