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Which clutch kit for ZR600 EFI

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I have a 2001 zr600efi and love it but want to keep up with my friend who just got a xc 600 sp. What clutch kit is the best? Ive been looking at D&D or Goodwin Performance.


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I would look into EPI also. I am currently looking into one for my Polaris.
In talking with a few people with Cats in my area, for top ends and pipes D&D is the way to go. With Clutch kits for Cats Goodwin makes the best.
That's just what I've heard, when I'm ready for a clutch kit for my ZL800 I'm gonna go with a Goodwin.

Thanks for the replies,
Do you think this will be enough to stay with the polaris 600 ???

Bring on the white stuff!
zigslow your zr 600 will never touch my xc 600. the new polaris has two basic throttle positions idle & gone. Your friend Wayne.

& remember think Polaris & think snow till then I'll be waiting at the end of the lake for ya!!!!
Lol, sounds like you two are friends. That is very true on the new xc's, idle of gone. I am trying not to be biased here but I would have to say that Polaris has the strongest 600 twin out there. They can really fly!

That's my competition!!!

Anyone else know about the Goodwin kits?????
How much will I gain???

Bring on the white stuff!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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