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Which used sled is best buy?

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I am looking for a used sled and I don't know much about them. I have owned two sea-doo xp's back in 1996 and they were great, really fast. the variable valve exhaust really works well. I currently own a 1999 Yamaha Warrior. Great all around trail machine. Fast, jumps, slides, etc... Im looking for a great all around sled. I currently have the warrior so a Yamaha would be great. But I know nothing about them so I could really use some opinions. Are the 700's fast? How do similiar displacement engines compare between manufacturers? I am leaning toward Yamaha, Ski-doo, then Polaris.

I am a very aggresive rider with handling and acceleration being most important.

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I just bought a used sled yesterday. . . I'm picking it up today! I found a lot of helpful tips on purchasing a used snowmobile on the internet. I just punched in "Used Snomobiles" on adv. search google and bingo! I was lucky in that the guy I bought it from is a good friend of mine. He has lots of toys and likes speed. I did find out on the internet that "alot of miles is not always a bad thing". In my opinion, the major factors are: abuse (not use.. miles), crashes, maintainance and how the sled was transported. Mine was always in a covered trailor so it never saw salt. This sled is absolutely immaculate!
I wish you luck in finding exactly what you want. . . Heaven knows there's a bunch of 'em out there!!!
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The 700's are very fast and to be quite honest, the sleds 700cc and above are near dead even in all the classes. You could jump from one to another and still be on a sweet sled. The 97-2000 SX and SX-R's are great sleds for Yamaha. Great sleds for Ski-Doo are the MXZ Trail, 600, and 700. Polaris has the Supersport and The XC 600. The best overall used sled for under $4000 is a 99 XC 500, fast, good gas milage, oil milage, and a great suspension.

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