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When XLT line moved into the Gen II chassis, it changed names for 2000. It was called a Triumph. I personally own this sled and love it. Supposedly production was halted due to the saturation of the Triple market. In other words they wanted to move more in the direction of the twins. I believe that when the XLT changed names and moved into the Triumph, there was not enough publicity on polaris' part to tell the people about the change. When i bought mine i was looking at an XC 600 when i seen the triumph sitting in the back corner of the showroom. No where on the sled does it say "600" or "triple". I got curious so i went to check it out. I opened the hood and found the Triple. At that moment i made up my mind and proceeded to buy my Triumph. The salesman basically thought the same thing....that the people had no idea what type of sled it was, because it had held the XLT name for so long. So people just didnt buy it and was axed from production for 2001. I would have loved to see this sled be made in an edge chassis but it never happened. Well thats my idea about the whole thing anyways

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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