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Wild sled ride... let's go!!!!

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Who wants to ride in Ontario? getting a bunch of guys together for a large ride Feb. 21st. Who's in? Got all the motels together(that's taken care of), trail passes are in the works also. Let us know! We'll see what we can do for package deals. No shit either Mark in Ontario
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Where would it take place in Ontario? If it were in the northwest that wouldn't be too far of a drive.

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bigwill... starting in Pembroke and going to NorthBay...cross over to Quebec and then down to Pembroke again. Interested??? 4 days. Have some free Quebec passes coming also. Mark
I'd love to go, stupid university though. I'd have to miss half a week of school.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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I might seriously consider that. How far of a drive is it though? I live in otego ny just about 50 miles up from binghamton. How many people you got going? If i can go i might get my neighbor and his friends to go. And can just anyone go? Or is it like friends just going?
punkrock......we're driving 2 hrs north of me and dropping there and then riding.I'm in Trenton Ontario. Going to Griffith to drop. You coming across from Rochester way or the Falls or Buffalo. Rochester way is quicker for you. Anyone can come, the more the better. Last year I had a ride with 43. AWESOME!!!!!! I now some of the people going with us others are just freinds of freinds. 5 weeks and counting!!!! 4 Day ride. Leave Thurs. morning and return Sun.
man, that sounds like a great time!but unfortunatly, i can no longer dodge the wedding bells. until summer at least. but got alot of stuff to get lined up, so time wouldnt permit me to go, but id love to. you guys have fun!
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