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Winter X on right now

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I am on the East cost and right now (1PM) Winter X is going. I saw the new Red and Black sleds on Snocross yesterday from Arctic Cat. Man I want a black F5 :) They were racing in almost whiteouts yesterday with heavy snow and roosts.

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Yesterday was bad for Yammis. Vincent rolled it and another race he got tangled up with a Polaris off the line and busted a tie rod. Morgan and Hibbert both had mess ups too. Morgan got spun and lost a bunch of positions but came back to take 2nd. Hibbert went off the side of the track and went from first to 6th. I may be slightly off on teh details I am remembering from yesterday. Those were all qualifiers not the final race.
Gulla just won the first Semi Final. On my black cat ;). THe Bud Light skippy tanked it twice.
Morgan and Hibbert in next race. Morgan is in last off the line with Titus(polaris) and Hibbert in first and second.

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Hibbert won. Crapo the Polaris guy was second and Morgan was third after a horrible last place start.
yes of course. Though he switched his mod team from D&D Racing to Speedwerx.
Finals are tonight at 10:30 ET.
i'm not real impressed with the looks of the ski-doo looks like a blade
Finals are on now. Man someone needs to teach these boys to drag race :) I mean Morgan tried pulling the front end off the ground a LOT when he launched. Since when is that a good method?
Morgan won Gulla was leading but blew his engine! Hibbert was hauling major freaking ass throttling a lot longer than he normally would have. He just couldn't do it though oh well the Skippy won.
hey guys, well the X games were heald 2 weeks ago so if you would go to you can find out the results right after the race also if you buy sno-week you get all the info on the race i got mine last week and it said everything that heppened in the race in the article. Another reson Tucker was catching Blair is that Blairs motor was missing because the brake rotor was bad and the carbs were sucking in the dust so it was slowing him down a lot.
I know buit still I prefered watching
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