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I'm looking for the following parts to repair my sled. I'm waiting on the insurance company to decide if they are going to total it, but I don't want to wait for them to make their decision before I locate the parts I need.

Heres a list:

Upper radius rod w/rod end
Lower radius rod w/rod end
(looking for black, but will take other if needed)
Torsion (sway) bar - FOUND
Steering control rod w/rod end
(really only need the end, but will buy assembly if needed)
Ryde FX shock(s) - will buy a pair if right price.
Composite Ski - will buy pair for right price.

I'm also in the market for a hood. Don't need it complete with gauges and headlight, but must not be cracked or gouged. Color really isn't important, it will give me more of a reason to customize it.

I'll also need another new windshield. I've currently got a low 9" flared Sportech in black. I'd like the same thing if I can find it.

Let me know what you've got. Please include prices, your location, and a picture if you can. Thanks.

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