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start stock take plenty of clutch tunning and several sets of gears. when you make changes make one at a time and WRITE DOWN THE SETTUP SPEED AND RPM AIR TEMP THE TRACK CONDITIONS in the future you can look back to see what works
this is my first year speed running the 1000' and believe me it is a lot of tunning you should check the rules to see if you can run isr rules or the club has its own rules for what says is stock and not stock
I am trying to compete with people who have speed tracks the engines are stock but the heads are blueprinted the drive shafts are aligned the suspension is blue printed then I come in off the trail fix a few broken bolts then pick it take a box of clutch parts and try to compete. well I do alright but it is a blast.
good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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