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XC600 vs. XC700

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Can you guys give me some advice on Pros and Cons about the '98 XC's. I am trying to decide between which one to buy. Fill me in on performance, fuel mileage etc.. Thanks alot.

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the 700 is gonna be faster and more powerfull of course, but will get worse fuel milage...just depends on what you value most i guess.

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The 700 uses more fuel and goes slightly faster. 2 people here had these machines when they were brand new, and they are neck in neck in bottom end and the 700 goes a bit faster.

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My friend with his XC 600 had to soften the suspension. He felt it was way too stiff from the factory, and it made his back sore. He is 170 lb. rider.
I would imagine that most touring suspensions are going to be rough on a light rider. Being a large ride of 240 plus pounds, I'm usually looking for a stiffer suspension.

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My friend with his XC 600 had to soften the suspension. He felt it was way too stiff from the factory, and it made his back sore. He is 170 lb. rider.


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Here is what I found the 600 is a "little" quicker in the take off due to the slightly smaller carbs than the 700. The 700 is faster at topend 7-15mph difference depends on the snow and who is rideing. Fuel consumption is so minute of a difference. Like when we fuel less than a half gallon difference.
If you trail ride tight turns get the 600. If you are like my brother buy a 700 just because it says 700 and it is faster on the lake. Unless the lake is over 10miles long the 600 still gets to the otherside in the same time or less because it accelerates faster.
Megaman - is correct I had to adjust my suspension was way too stiff from the factory. The 700 don't have that problem anymore with the new adjustable electric shock

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well gentlemen i have to say go with the 700. ive owned it (not stock). clutch work, pipes and reeds. there wasnt another 600 or 700 that ran with it up to 90. The sled was great. got around 110 miles per tank of fuel and sipped oil. i know its a biased opinion but go for the 700.
Dont forget to see how bad they each were beat before u pick though.
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I'd prefer the 600 for the tight wooded trails we have around here.I guess it depends on where and how you ride.A few of my friends ride big cc twins and triples and they aren't any faster than my 340 in the rough woodsie trails.
Backmtn sounds just like my brother. You decide what you want. They are basically the same sled. One is a little faster out of the hole and the other has top-end.

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