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XLT Hot Running Boards (Again)

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I was riding again this weekend (about 40 miles).
Most of the day my running boards seemed pretty normal temperatures. But later in the day, they got so hot that I couldn't hold my hand on them. I did check the idiot light, it comes on when you ground the wire but never came on while riding. Next Time I ride, I am going to take a thermometer for the coolant.

Any other ideas, guys?

Is there a thermostat on the sled?

See ya at the top!
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Well if your coolant is dangerously hot, can you tell the difference in engine performance??? If your engine is really that hot, isn't it real boggy and won't idle and quits on you? Just a thought.
careful with the thermometer. Opening the coolant cap while hot will cause an overflow.
Have you tried bleeding any air out of your system? Get the engine warm and elevated the front of the sled, release the pressure lever on the radiator cap and run engine at idle for a few min to try and get all the air out. This is about the only thing i can think of, if the engine hasnt melted down yet. Possibly check your jetting to make sure you arent running lean. Other than that, im stumped, unless your xlt has a thermostat...which i dont think it does.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
I know mine get fairly hot when riding trail. When i'm in fresh deep powder they don't heat up as bad but whenever I ride trail I throw snow on them when I come to a stop to help cool the sled down and my temp light never comes on.

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
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