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XLT Special

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Text[/font=Verdana]Anyone got any experience with a 95 Polaris XLT Special? If so, any bugs, quirks, idiosyncracies I should know about on this Machine? Pondering adding one to the fleet. Thanks.

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i havent even gotten to ride my 93 xlt sp, but they seem to be a popular sled around these parts.

1993 xlt sp 580-my way out!!!!
I am picking up my 95 XLT special the day after thanksgiving. Once I ride it, i'll let you know. My friend who i'm buying it from loved it, he is just upgrading to a 800 MZX.

95 XLT Special
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I have been around XLT's for a great while. Mine hasn't been ridden yet but from what I have seen, they are terrific sleds. They start easy and are very dependable performers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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