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XLT Starting problem....and Slides

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Hi. Great Site...I am sure glad I founds it!!

I ride a 98 600RMK and a 97 XLT RMK.
The XLT is terrible to start the first time each day. It seems to Flood on the first pull, than I get to pull for 15-20 minutes to clear it.
I'll listen to any ideas about what the problem may be...

Also, both sleds need new slides....What is the easy way to change them? Will they come out through the track window? or do I need to loosen the track way up and move it to the side? Or????


See ya at the top!
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Thanx for the advice....
Unfortunatley, I have tried the "Leave the fuel off" thing, and I have tried the "Choke on / Choke off" variations.
I havn't looked into the carb float options...That may be the way to go since our season is still a little way off.... I bought the sled last year, it started fine the first couple times out, and it seems to be getting worse.


See ya at the top!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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