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XLT Steering Problem

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I have a 1998 XLT Touring 2-up which "darts" aggressively back and forth even at low speeds. I spend more time just trying to stay in the trail. Can anyone suggest why this is occuring and how to fix it. Feedback is much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the sight brother. I had the same problem with my XLT, put on the easy stears and their working fine. That's all I can suggest. Best regards...Mark
You could try increasing the tension on the front track spring or loosen the limiter straps or derease the ski spring pre-load or decrease rear suspension springs tension or a combination of all the above. Is the darting less with two people on ?Ive never tried easy steers but you can never completely eliminate the darting with just adjustments, you can however improve it.
Have you had any accidents in the front end. I had a problem when the trailer that my sled was in was in a accident. My sled was fine (due to 4 tie downs), but the 4 place enclosed trailer was on its side. My spindle ended up getting bent, and I had really bad darting problems. Replaced the spindle, made sure track was straight and parallel, and adjusted toe out and camber, and no more darting problems
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