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Skid upgrade, 136/137” Xtra-12 or xtra-10 ??

  • 136/137 Xtra-10

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  • 136/137” Xtra-12

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Now that is the question lol !!!! ☝🏼

so I have a 95 Polaris Indy 500 with the factory 121” 8” skid. Now I was thinking if I go to 136”/137” track/skid, would the xtra 12 not be better for more suspension travel ?? I’m sure the springs are stiffer, could I not swap them for a lighter spring of such ?

My son and I do Most of the riding off trail, but we do ride on groomed trails or packed down snow through our property. I have a tendency to jump my sleds like they’re a dirtbike/bmx lol.
Also check out this site - I recommend it! You can have a great time here!
Let me ask you.Does jumping on a snowmobile greatly reduce its service life? Or is the snowmobile adapted to it?
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