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Yah. It has started

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Okay. If anyone has seen my previous post, I was having problems starting and keepin running my 77 skidoo olympique.

I totally cleaned the carb, and then went to start it. A few pulls and bingo it started.

Now I got a real pickle, I had to take out the two needles, I think they were air mixture and idle. I am not sure. One is a big needle screw and the other is smaller.

I can get it running, and it will stay running as long as I hold the throttle on. I tried adjusting the screws. I dont know what the plate on the side of the motor mean. Its says 1 1/2 +1/4 for adjustment ( I think it said idle) but does that mean screw it all in then out 1 1/2 plus or minus 1/4 turn.

Can you guys let me know how I should start to keep this thing running. Any help appreciated.

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ok the big screw is your idle screw , the small one is your air mixture screw. I am guessing the plate on the motor is for your air mixture screw and yes you screw it all the way in but not tight then back it out 1 1/2 turn plus or minus a qauter turn. after you back it out run it for a while then pull the plugs and see if they are oily and wet if so turn it in a qauter turn. Now the big screw is the opposite start with it almost all the way out and screw it in. start the sled up and turn it in till it idles on its own im not too familiar with ski doo's being the last one i owned i was i am not sure what a good idle rpm is for this sled. hope this helps


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Thanks, Ill try that tonight. Too bad the weather is 2 degrees Celsius right now and we just got 9 cms of snow (approx 2 1/2 inches) and it is almost all gone. Mind you we still have snow, just that powder would have been nice to be on top of it.

Ill keep posted on how I do with the machine

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