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Hello sledders I am in need of some Yamaha Parts
They are for a 2000 SRX – it is triple piped so the right side of the hood is bigger to accommodate

I am in need of the following parts: If you have any or know anyone parting out this sled it would be greatly appreciated. Some commission perhaps.

I am in need of the following parts: If you have them please send me a p.m or email with price and photo’s if you have them. [email protected] phone 1-306-630-8449 If the hood is Canada it would be preferable for shipping reasons.
Thanks a million guys and gals.

Kill Switch
Gauge bezel (must be blue) (do not need the gauges)- just the plastic holder
Headlight assembly- do not need wiring
Hood- Needs to be blue- has to have larger right hand side(when seated) for the pipes
Belt guard
Left foot-well( when seated on it)
A-frame front suspension
Left Ski spindle- (when seated on it)
Primary Clutch- (Good shape one) (no cracks on sheaves)
Secondary clutch

Thank you so much for the help.

Ryan Francis
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