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Those are pics of a piece that was formally non-removable on the Viper. Now you can remove it and put it anywhere you want! My dad was riding with some guy they were both side by side doing liek 35 and they cracked it to race. Well about half way down soemthing wasn't right. It went pop and LOOK EXTRA PIECE! He is gonna take it to the dealer tomorrow. My uncle said he should sue under the lemon law ;) since everytime he has ridden it something went wrong. Frozen fuel pump 2 times, overheating all but the last time, blowing a cylinder, and throwing up chunks now!

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thats awfull- where did that piece originally go?? not to pole fun, but you got to hand it to yamaha, they are quite the inovator of fixed/removeable pieces.
It was on the Clutch side cylinder. Underneath the exhaust port. Sucks I tell ya. My uncle told my dad he needs to buy a Cat. My uncle is a die hard Cat man. He said my dad has to get the ZR 900 though cause the F7 would kick his ass.
I think the connecting rod blew out and launched a piece into the sidewall. This was the same cylinder that blew up last time. This pieces is down on the cranks so maybe somehow it got weakened by whatever happened last time. Maybe the rod got weak when the last time happened and they never replaced it.
Holy [email protected]# I was looking to buy one of those sleds when the XCR came along. Now Im glad it did. Ive been with Polaris for years, but thought that I could break away for the yammi . Time will tell if there is a real problem or your dad unfortunately got a lemon. I hope your Uncle doesnt have too much influence on your dad. Sounds like he could use a break. :)
sometimes my dad doesn't listen to my uncle at all and just says idiot sometimes he listens hard. I know withthis much money and this much stuff he won't listen to him. Well he may listen if he decides to get a new sled.
Thats what I was worried about. If he gets a new sled.
he has me, he listens to me too. And researchs magazines and such.

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Sled dog, Those problems sound like you have a bad crank, probably from the factory. Yamaha has to stand behind this. It's too bad, Vipers really are nice sleds.
My brother had similar problems with an XCR 800 two years ago. He thought he had jetted too lean after the first rebuild. But when he jetted back up fat again and then only lasted 80 fairly easy miles, his dealer didn't hesitate to replace the crank and all, claiming that it was probably bad from the start. This was a dealer who carries Polaris and Yamaha too. Just a thought. Good Luck!!

that sucks.

Sounds like you've got a lemon on your hands.

I can't say anything, I had a '96 XCR 440 SP that blew up on me after 300 miles, well I got rid of the dumbass thing, and now the guy who owns it blew it up after 300 miles, then fixed it, then blew it after 350 miles.

I figure at least it's consistant.

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We know it is the sled. The only thing done to it is a clutch kit. Clutch kits don't exactly make you throw chunks out of your sled :) He is gonna take it back and the three warranty better cover this.
Yeah, it better cover it...thats crap. How many miles does your dad have on the sled? My brother bought a Viper this yeay and he has like 400 or so miles on it. He hasn't had any problems with it. Man, your dad must of gotten a lemon, thats too many things going wrong to me the model.

They must of made his at 4:45pm on a Fri or something. That sucks!

1997 XLT SP 600
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900 miles so far. Had 30 miles on it the first time it overheated. After about 20 some had to replace hyfax. He wrote a nasty letter to Yamaha I am looking for a place to send it now. I just noticed there is a 2002 Arctic Cat booklet on the kitchen table. ANyone know where to direct emails to Yamaha?

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Not sure about emails to Yamaha, but I'm sure they have a mailing address somewhere on the owner's manual or something.

It's too bad you had all that trouble, a new sled should run fine and not throw chunks out

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yeah I know oh well it happened so we got to live with it. Hopefully something good happens and we can put it behind us. That may mean a different sled i don't know but hey we will see.
That sucks. Hmm sounds like a lemon, take it back to the dealer and leave it there, maybe trade it on a different Viper and if that one doesn't blow you know you had a lemon. You would think that a brand new sled would only need one engine.

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So did you ever geta chance to drag race it? This doesn't look good. I would bring it back.

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Demand to have a reprensentive come out from Yamaha thru your dealer
if the dealer will not give his money back- buy a Polaris.
Most people buy a brand new sled so they do not have to dealer with these problems.

I guy riding up in Maine blew a chain case on his new viper, it's most likely bad q.c. when this sleds where assembled .
Sled_dog here's the number to call

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Customer Relations Department P.O. Box 6555 Cypress, CA 90630
We already called the number. They gave my dad the run around and a bunch of crap. He bought this sled for depndability so we wouldn't be in the shop all the time. The guy claimed he hadn't heard of the overheating problem with Vipers or the suspension problem. My dad directed his attention to the 2003 Model booklet which states they put a new shock on the RX-1 to make it ride better. My dad was riding and thought the suspension was just fine then he switched with my uncle. That 2002 ZR amazed him in comparison to his sled. He told the rep to call dealers and ask them all the problems they have been having. The dealer told him he can't that is a tech's job. He asked to speak to the techs. The rep told him he couldn't talk to the techs. My dad was like well how are you suppossed to help anything if you don't talk to the techs and I can't??? He asked the guy what the hell his job is?
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