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young guys two

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i know that ive asked this before, but now there is a lot more young teens on this forum. i really am interested to know what all of you older guys think of the teens. what do you think when you see them on the trails? what do u think when they pass u? (LOL)

when i'm out there, a lot of guys dont know im a kid until i take my helmet off. i ride hard, real hard. my dad and his buddies, along w/ my uncles are hardcore trail riders, and i can keep up w/ them pretty damn good. i'm definetly not one of those kind of kids who blocks the trail, half the time im one of the guys lightin them up!!! lemmee know what ya think!

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
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I hate the damn teens all over the trail, they are dangerous and don't know what they are doing, therefore they are hazards. They shouldn't be allowed on sleds, plus their wreckless driving is what is getting snowmobiles banned.

Just kidding, I myself am only 18, and I think that the younger you get into the sport, the better you will be at it. So if you have kids, get them a 120 or get them riding somehow. Keep the sport alive!

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GIVE the teens a BREAK this is why they become good ryders!, granted,no one wants to meet one on the trail. But everyone on this site was a teen at one point ,and half of the people on this site, Im sure were no better.
IM well out of my teens , but this is my first year riding and im probably the WORST person to meet on the trail or otherwise because once you put that track under you its throttle throttle throttle!!!!! Age just gives you experience ,and the fear of that teen around the corner?
i try not to piss you older guys off on the trails, although i'm sure sometimes i do. i'm kind of a rare breed, i think that the sport was in my blood, it just took a few years to bring it out. the only thing i dont like about guys my age is the ones who say they ride, and brag and all that, and all they do is go around their yards. those ppl cant be considered real riders.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
For a great christmas, I went riding yesterday. Being 18 myself, I am a teen...

I was parked in a park parking lot (park!). As I was getting the sled off the back of the pickup, two kids probably 13-14 went riding by into the walking trail, which had a big no-snowmobiles sign on it. They live in the area, but still.

Anyway, I saw the two again, and they wanted to race. It was pretty funny actually. They just wanted to see my sled go, they knew they didn't stand a chance.

My idle is set at about 900-1000rpm, so if I let it idle down, the lag is quite large while the engine spins up to clutch engagement. Probably 2/10ths of a seccond or more.

I let them say go, and they took off, and i floored it, and they were about 3-4 feet ahead of me, but as soon as the clutch engaged, it was all over. I shot like a rocket right past them, and continued on to hit the jump. I probably had about 50 feet or more on them by the time I let off to slow down for the jump.

Btw, the kids were on a 91 Polaris 340 fan cooled.
I was on my 92 440 XCR (l/c)

Obviously, both of us knew it wasn't gonna even be remotely close.

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I am 16 and headed out for my first ride today. I may be Young but I am not dumb! I do ride pretty dangerous but I only do it when following my dad or uncle. They got a little more experience then I do so I go when they do.
91 polaris fan cooled? i got that.. cant find a track for it.. ask him about it for me.. i need a track

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Heck you guys must hate me, that is if you don't even like teens, I'm not even a teen! I'm 12, but I bet I ride alot harder and can highmark most of you :), I've been driving since I was eight, and riding with my dad since I was 4. I have alot of experience on and off the trail, and I'm great on both. heck I'll get some clips for you guys if I get a capture card or find someone with one, because we got a digital video camera for christmas! It's awesome. I must say my beefed up 500 will go anywhere, I climbed a 7000 ft hill on it just yesterday! (christmas eve) OH yea, to the main question of this topic, I'd say yea, I don't mind the teens, it's the 10 year olds and younger that I don't like to meet on the Trail. Most of them anyways, you shouldn't take people down because of thier age, because I could outride most people on this board. You may think I'm full of crap, but meet me up on a ride in bone, Idaho, if you see a kid kickin butt on a 500 with a white all-round helmet, with let's see yellow coat and crap, lol that's me

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hey ok im an old old old man here at the ripe old age of 38, and i like riding with younger people, all this summer i rode dirtbikes a bunch of guys 17 and 18, we learned from each other, i showed and helped them with maintaince on their bikes and they kept me really riding hard cause they just dont get tired, so my riding improved, young people are the future of the sport ! hey lets all face it were all getting older and were also all a bunch of gearheads!!!
i think its great that teens are into sleddin, keeps them away from all the other evils life seems to hand out, i think most teens should be a little more careful, ive always been told that you should respect your sled and others around you, cause if you dont- youll get hurt worse than your ride.
I love when I find somebody younger who has never been on a sled ride is all it takes and they are hooked! Last year I did that with one of my friends and this year he ended up buying that sled from me! He's a lifer now for sure!

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another thing i dont like about all the kids my age is the ones that brag and say that they could kick everyones ass. most of them are either full of it, or they just brag so nobody likes them or believes them. i could say a lot about my riding ability, and it would be true, but stating it for no reason, most of you wouldn't believe me. thats why it isn't cool to brag, and that's why i don't like most kids like that.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
I'm 40 and I've never been passed by anyone, ever. so I don't care how old anyone is!!! We're all just riders doin' our own thing,Rock On

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Heck , im 14 and i just got my first machine this year , i got hooked on it last year. My dad just started to.

The guys that I think are more dangerous are the ones that pass you at 80 mph. i dont care how old they are cuz they scare the heck out of m when im going 30 then theres pass 3 feet away from me.

As for the old guys , i like em. They can teach ya how to ride better , and most of them can do shit i never even would have thought of doin on a sled , so you have to give them some respect.

The younger guys , some of them are cool , then some of them are not. My freinds brother is stating snocross next year and hes ten. hes got riding in his blood. He races motoX in the summer. he just got a pro X 440 and he can get some serious air on that thing. Then theres the kids that think there good but they just go out and rally the machine clamp it and wreck it. They just don't have skill. Right now im taking it easy , im just learning how to boondock. its harder then it looks!

so really i dont hate anybody except for the people that have no respect for there machine or the sport.

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I got a compliment when I went riding. One guy told my dad I was a good rider and was really able to keep up.
by the way meant to say this before it is too not two man.

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I agree with you all. It doesn't matter how old you long as you ride smart. There are just as many "dumb" 30 year olds, as there are teens. As long as you ride smart and use your's all good.

Also, I'm a cop...and I would much rather see teens out riding and having fun than vandalizing, playing "gang" (really don't have gangs in just think they are in a gang), and all that BS.

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Age is not factor in my mind.

Morons are mornos. It doesn't matter if you are 17 or 37. It all about being respectful of others. The only problam I've had all year has been with some guy who decided to play throttle jockey in the parking lot and came racing by on a new Summit 800. The lot was all ice and gravel and after flyin' by me at 50/60 MPH he procedded to roost 4 guys and their brand spanken new Chevy 1 ton Duramax with Ice and gravel. found out as we left that wasn't even his sled! and he was 30+ for sure.

Make sure that you don't ruin other peoples stuff or put them in danger. Ride fast, ride hard but be safe! I guarantee everybody will want to ride with you if you do.

BTW I only get passed when I'm waiting for my wife to catch up with me.

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by snorider35:

Age is not factor in my mind.

Morons are mornos. It doesn't matter if you are 17 or 37. It all about being respectful of others. [/quote]


2002 AC Z 570 esr

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Another thing i like about old guys is when the tell storys "well , when i was back in vietnam...."

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98 Mountain Max 600(dads)[/red]
just the other day when i was ridin, some guy at a reseraunt told my dad, "wow man, yer son can ride!". i over heard that then a little bit later some other guy said he could barely keep up w/ us (my dad, me, and his buddy). that is what i like about a lot of the guys who have been doin this for a long time, they have respect for everyone. my dad tells me that in a few years i'll even be able to pass him! but all my uncles say he's lyin just cuz i already pass them. LOL j/k. i like anyone who can keep up with the guys i ride with.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
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