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Hey guys, so finialy after my sled sat apart in my garage for a year, I got it out and out running around on saturday. It starts up and runs well. pleanty of power, no hesition. It has stock 330 mains and an aftermarket pipe. Also i tried running 93 octane this year.

I think it could possibly be flodding out becasue if you pull off the plugs, there is a ring of gas around the plug holes. But other than that there really is no indication, except for a bit of extra smoke maybe.

You guys think this is ok and i am just overthinking?
Or maybe the higher octane gas is doing somthing?

I should also mention that there is normally a gas line on the bottom of the carb bowl that is rounded off to have the purpose of a plug. Both of the plugs got dry rotted and broke so i linked the two with a piece of gas line. So maybe it could be vaccuming more gas through the engine?

Thanks everyone.
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