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Hey all,
I tried this in the cat forum but had no luck.
I have a 99 zr500 which has had new movable sheave, new spider, new spring and cam arms and new bushings in the drive clutch. Factory specs say it is to engage at 5000 rpms but when it hits 5k it slams against the belt slips and smokes it's brains out and when it does engage solid it yanks the skiis way off the ground, definately not normal for a 500. It has the factory called for weights and spring. I have checked the driven clutch and all seems ok, no binding, track tension is good. I have done several p85's and have never run into this issue before. Only thing I can think of doing is changing the weights to make it engage at a lower rpm but then they say these sleds have a terrible bog below 5k engagement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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